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"Silage sheet warranted for 18 months against UV degradation"


With a high oxygen barrier that allows for complete fermentation and preservation of stored feed nutrients, our silage pit covers feature a high level of UV high light protection (3%).


They're warranted for 18 months against UV degradation, which is incredibly important in the high UV environment that we face here in Australia (they're rated 180 UV kilo-Langley, which is the highest in the world).


Produced with the strongest and most durable film resins available, the silage sheet covers can withstand the harshest conditions in Australia and New Zealand.


A black inner layer provides 100% sunlight protection to give a uniform level of feed quality and reduced protein breakdown, while the white outside layer helps to keep stored silages cooler by deflecting the heat of the sun. This effectively reduces bunker heating and DM losses.


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Silage Pit Cover Specifications Table

12m x 50m15m x 50m15m x 300m18m x 50m18m x 300m
11 per pallet11 per pallet1 per pallet11 per pallet1 per pallet


12m x 50m15m x 50m18m x 50m15m x 300m18m x 300m
10 per pallet8 per pallet8 per pallet1 per pallet1 per pallet




Silage pit covers in the field


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