Baler Twine

The best range of twine for all applications

Here at Silage Wrap Australia, we have a huge range of baling twine solutions for every application. Regardless of the make and model of baling machine you’re using, we’ve got the twine to suit. We appreciate that every operation has different processes, different machinery, and deals with different types of crops. That’s why we deliver such an extensive range.

For all of your baling needs, you can count on us. We’re Australian-owned, and we’re farming professionals. That means we understand the local environment you’re working in, no matter where you are in Australia.

Which Baler Twine Suits My Operation?

It’s important to get the right kind of twine for the type of baling you’re doing. Not all wine is the same, and in fact often have significant differences in tensile strengths, knot strength and also thickness.

As Australian agricultural experts, we’re always happy to advise on the best products for your application. Below are some details on the different types of twine we offer.

Standard Big Square Baler Twine

In our range of baler twines there is a product to suit every machine and every application. Our big square baler twine starts with the two ‘standard’ options, Golden Boy and Green Machine. Like the majority of our baler twine range, they are available in 2 x 10 kg spools (20 kg packs). 

UniPak Golden Boy is offered in 2 x 1350m (135m per kg) and is suitable for light-duty big square applications.   

UniPak Green Machine is offered in 2 x 1200m (120m per kg). The difference in length signifies the thickness of the twine, hence more length equals thinner baler twine. The thickness of the twine is also relative to the tensile strength and knot strength.

These two UniPak baler twine products are suited for non-High-Density (HD) balers.  Green Machine can be used in the lighter application of HD due to its slightly higher knot strength above the standard big square twine spec and with its 120m/kg weight.

High-Density Baler Twine

Our specified HD baler twines are slightly different in composition from the standard twines, as they contain additional non-slip additives to cope with the rigours of the challenging HD applications and machinery. Although, all of our baler twine contains lubricant additives to reduce wear on mechanical parts such as knotters, and all are constructed using the superior “Hybrid Fibrillation” technique to produce a soft, high-performance twine that provides the operator smooth running and excellent knot strength.

All of our HD baler twines are manufactured using premium polymers, which makes a huge difference when trying to get maximum performance for your dollar.

Our HD Baler Twines Range

Our HD baler twine range starts at the ‘Terracotta Warrior’ and ‘White Knight’. Terracotta Warrior and White Knight are made specifically for the likes of the Massey XD machines and Krone HDP’s.  These twines have a runnage of 105m/kg (2 x 1050m) and 100m/kg (2 x 1000m) respectively.  These HD twines are very popular and are preferred Australia wide.  They form a huge part of our trade partners preferences right throughout Australia.

Beefing upwards from that, we offer our ‘Balemaster’ HD twine, which runs at 95m/kg (2 x 950m). This is ideal for the harshest of conditions when combined with challenging crop types and very high bale weights.  So, the Balemaster is used mainly with Krone HDP machines in these circumstances.

With only one machine in mind, our ‘Maxi-Ultra HD’ baler twine is specifically built for the Massey UHD 2370 machines and has a runnage of 85m/kg. Although due to the larger horizontal storage area in this machine it is available in a 2 x 11kg twin pack (22kg – 2 x 935m spools).

Small square twine

For those smaller jobs that still require great knot strength and usability, we’ve got a terrific range of small square twine. Again, high-quality polymers are used in the manufacturing process, meaning you still get maximum strength despite being used mostly for smaller jobs. With a knot strength of 80kg, you still get great performance and UV protection.

The small square twine range from Silage Wrap comes in packs of 4500m, giving you plenty to work with. You can also buy per pallet, which gives you 80 packs.

Round baler twine

Round baling machines are being found less often these days, however, we appreciate there are still some of them being used frequently by farmers across Australia. That’s why we stock a range of round baling twine to keep you operating the way you want to. We stock a variety of round baling twine that comes in an 8500m pack.

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If you need twine for any application and to suit any type of machinery, give us a call today. We understand your business, and we stock the types of baling twine that add real value to your operation. With UV protection, premium polymers to increase strength and reduce slippage, plus extremely competitive prices, you can’t go wrong with Silage Wrap Australia.

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