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Silage Wrap Australia’s range of silage film, net wrap, baling twine, net replacement film and silage covers have been carefully formulated and selected for their high quality, longevity and reliability to endure our harsh Australian environment. We provide a highly dependable range of products to protect and secure your fodder, with an emphasis on the right products for the job, while considering specific machinery, crop type and climatic conditions. Please take some time to view our benchmark range of baling products and wrapping products that are all selected for their high performance levels.

Our Silage wrap product range includes both standard and premium silage films. Our standout product is a high specification, 7 layer construction silage plastic to suit the newer, aggressive breed of ‘maximum performance’ wrapping machines. These performance based agri stretch films all come with plastic cores, exhibit good tack levels, are suitable for wrapping round and square bales and have a higher level of puncture and tear resistance, making it one of the best bale wrap products on the market. All of our silage plastic is manufactured to suit Australian conditions, so silage bales wrapped with our product will endure very well with high UV resistance and assist producing high quality silage fodder.
Our baler twine range include horticultural and round baler twines, small square and big square twines and gradually increase in knot strength to our high density baling twines. The newer HD baler twines are required where machinery pushes bale pressure and bale weights to higher levels. This is where performance is required, and this is where we excel. We have a product to specifically suit all square baler machinery including newer HD machines such as Krone and Massey Ferguson.
Our round bale net wrap products are all manufactured to a high level of quality standards for our Australian climate and are UV stabilized to suit. All of our net wrap products provide superior coverage in all types of round baling machines and come in widths of 1.23m, 1.25m as well as 1.3m. Our net wrap is suitable for the harshest of crops whether you are wrapping bale silage, hay straw, stalky trash, or even materials that are most challenging.
One of our newest products is net replacement film. Developed as an alternative to net wrap, this product does exactly as its name suggests and is used in some of the newer combi / combo bale wrap machinery covering a two-step process. The advantage of net replacement film is that the application of this film actually compresses the bale more and also adds additional layers of plastic to the ensiling process. Potential advantages are perfectly formed round bales, less oxygen ingress and more protection to the silage bale itself.

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